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Pitchcraft Reconstruction at Junction Oval The Junction Oval redevelopment has reached a milestone on its road to completion.
Pitchcraft Reconstruction at Junction Oval

Article by Alyce Shaw published on 17/03/2017

The Junction Oval redevelopment has reached a milestone on its road to completion, with the turf being rolled out in February by Pitchcraft.

Field of play works including the oval itself, centre wicket and practice wickets were completed in their scheduled time frame, which isn’t always an easy feat!

The oval’s redevelopment also included widening of the oval to meet the dimensions as required by the International Cricket Council (ICC), as a new contour to meet surrounding structures.

There was also an installation of new irrigation and drainage systems, sand over gravel profile and a retaining wall on the North side of the oval.

Pitchcraft’s Managing Director, Richard Winter said the site was completely turfed with washed Santa Ana within five days.

Santa Ana is a great choice for Junction Oval, as it thrives in full sun and little shade, and it has exceptional drought tolerance due to it being a warm season grass; perfect for the Australian climate and an Australian cricket oval overall.

Santa Ana was the best performing grass on the original block prior to the reconstruction and made it an easy choice for the new playing surface.

Image from February of the turf being laid at Junction Oval

With the temperature rising around the time of installation, Winter said there was some concern the turf rolls would suffer from heat damage while in transit, but luckily they arrived in one piece with brilliant colour ready to be rolled.

Further works are now being undertaken surrounding the oval with a grass viewing berm and soft landscaping to accommodate the new training and administration building under construction.

When completed, Junction Oval is set to hold up to 7,000 spectators and will be the new home for the Victorian cricket team during the Sheffield Shield. It will also operate as the Admin Headquarters for Cricket Victoria.

It’s still all systems go for now at Junction Oval, with the first match to take place during the 2017/18 season. The ground is looking fantastic, and we can’t wait to see that centre wicket put to good use!

Check out all the action at Junction Oval with turfmate's aerial footage:

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