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The cost of a beautiful lawn If you want to get serious about your backyard, you need the right equipment for the job.
The cost of a beautiful lawn

Article by Editor published on 17/05/2017

If you’re going to get serious about looking after your garden, or maybe even start a business looking after other people’s, then you’re going to need a range of equipment and tools to complement your green thumb. But how much will it set you back? From machines to rakes, let’s break down the costs associated with quality landscaping gear. 

Lawns mowers

A good quality mower is an absolute must for anyone with front or rear lawns on their property. Petrol lawn mowers begin at around $300 for basic small-engine models that offer only cut-and-catch capabilities. That means the mower will cut your grass and catch it in a container, but that’s it. If you want something that cuts the grass, turns it into mulch, and then returns it straight to the lawn, you’ll need to spend at least $400. Mulching mowers are great as they return nutrients straight back into the soil, but they do tend to struggle with longer grass.

For a top-of-the-line, commercial-grade petrol mower, expect to fork out well north of $1000. If you like the sound of an electric mower, cordless machines start at around $350 and run up to around $1000 for heavy-duty models. If you’re going to be doing big jobs on a regular basis, a ride-on mower is a must. A couple of grand gets you into the market, but a serious model will set you back as much as $5000.

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Line trimmers

The humble line trimmer (or whipper snipper, as you might know them) is great for accessing those hard-to-reach places that a lawn mower just won’t get to. As with mowers, there’s a vast array of brands and models on the market in petrol, plug-in electric, and cordless form. The cheapest models retail for around $100, but expect to pay $250 or more for something really reliable.

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Hedge trimmers

Perfect for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes, these tools require careful use and the right safety equipment. Cheap electric models start at around $60, but for a serious machine that’s really going to get the job done, expect to pay anywhere from $150 up to $700 for something durable enough for professional use.  

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All that cutting and trimming and snipping tends to make a pretty big mess around the yard, which is where a good blower comes into its own. Many blowers also feature a vacuum function, so they’re not just for pushing leaves around. You can get your hands on a blower for as little as $50, with the best quality ones costing around $360.

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As you can see, buying all the equipment you’ll need for total home garden care or a small business can be a pretty expensive proposition, especially if you go for high quality products. If you need help to get started, contact Rapid––the low-interest finance professionals.

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