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PLA Vic/Tas Horticultural Seminar The seminar is in July and will look at uses of perennials and grasses in urban landscapes.
PLA Vic/Tas Horticultural Seminar

Article by Alyce Shaw published on 14/06/2017

Parks and Leisure Australia's Vic/Tas region, are collaborating with Botanic Gardens Australia & New Zealand (BGANZ) to host a horticultural seminar in July, focusing on the Uses of Perennials in Urban Landscapes.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, July 12 at Melbourne Polytechnic, Fairfield Campus, and promises to be a combination of presentations and site tours, looking at different ways to incorporate perennials and grasses into an urban environment to leave a lasting impression.

Guests can expect to hear from horticulture industry professionals from sectors such as botanic gardens, local government, tertiary institutions, zoos and indigenous plant specialists.

Presentations will cover plenty of helpful insights into the industry such as mixing natives and exotic plants, trialling different species for changing environments, and a deeper look into the Melbourne Zoo's main drive display.

The site tour component will be a guided walking tour of Melbourne Polytechnic's grounds. This will act as a great opportunity to partake in a plant identifying walk with experienced and knowledgeable Melbourne Polytechnic lecturers, Stan Smith, Maureen Doherty and James Farmer.

The site tour will then lead on to the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative (VINC) Grounds where propagator, Naomi Sunner will show guests their extensive indigenous garden.

PLA's Seminar will commence at 8:30am, July 12 and finish up at 3pm. This event is encouraged for all horticultural field staff involved in the planning, design, maintenance and management of parks and gardens.

Click here for a full run down of the full Seminar flyer.

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