Peer Support Friendship & networking in a competitive industry is paramount to long-term career survival.
The R&A partner Golf Environment Awards The R&A has agreed to become a lead partner of the Golf Environment Awards (GEA).
Townsville rain helps industry Rain brings wet relief for Townsville’s lawn mowing industry.
Beacy Golf Range mows with Trimax Local pitch 'n' putt Beacy Golf Range is happy with their decision to mow with Trimax.
Kenda’s success in Western Australia There is no perfect turf for all situations, but Ozbreed’s Kenda Kikuyu comes pretty close.
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100ml Grass Paint 100ml Grass Paint
AUD $25.00
(ex GST)

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1L Macspred Glymac 360 1L Macspred Glymac 360
AUD $10.00
(ex GST)

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2.5kg Professional Turf Fertiliser 2.5kg Professional Turf Fertiliser
AUD $5.00
(ex GST)

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900gm Sir Launcher 900gm Sir Launcher
AUD $6.00
(ex GST)

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